Mission Statement

What is the vision of HAPAM B.V.?

We provide our customers with engineering, quality and design excellence, as well as after sales service, in the supply of high voltage disconnectors and associated equipment. We provide employment and earn profits. As a world-leading manufacturer of disconnectors, we are dedicated to contribute to improvement of the environment.


Quality Control

Quality Assurance is a major requirement. Hapam has made implementation of suitable quality systems one of its primary activities. Since 1995 Hapam has maintained a Quality Control System in accordance with ISO 9001, certified by DEKRA (previously known as KEMA), The Netherlands.

Our equipment has been designed and tested in accordance with the latest international standards. Type test certificates are available for almost all our equipment from internationally recognized testing laboratories. Hapam maintains a constantly updated Education Programme to improve the skills and know-how of its employees. After assembly, all products are tested according to the latest version of IEC, ANSI standards and/or customer specifications.



Since March 2016 HAPAM BV possesses a fully integrated ISO14001 environmental management system, certified by DEKRA. Through the implementation of this environmental management system, we can always meet the requirements of laws and regulations and we offer our employees a basis for the environmentally friendly production of our products. We also recognize the system in all of our environmental aspects, some important environmental aspects are: energy, controlled waste and renewable energy generation.
By installing 1870 solar panels HAPAM B.V. generates annually between 60% and 80% of its electricity consumption sustainable!


Testing Facilities

Hapam operates a well-equipped and modern testing facility to perform electrical, mechanical and temperature rise tests. Short-circuit and dielectric tests are carried out at internationally recognized testing laboratories.


Research and Development

It is a continuous process to implement new techniques and materials to improve the quality and reliability of the equipment and to keep it in compliance with the ever improving standards and customer specifications.


After Sales Service

Hapam offers the following after sales service:


  • Supply of spare parts during the lifetime of the equipment
  • Supervision of installation and adjustment made by clients
  • Installation and maintenance services
  • Technical assistance
  • Worldwide emergency repair service


For these services Hapam has a number of service engineers on stand-by for worldwide service and support. They are available at short notice.
All documentation is available and stored in both hard copy and electronic format.

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ISO 9001

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ISO 14001

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